Steam Boilers Of Ansar Industrial Group

Steam boilers of Ansar Industrial Group are manufactured with a capacity of 75 kg to 32 tons per hour in three-pass type and high-efficiency and energy class A in three models of horizontal Wet Back, horizontal Dry Back and vertical.
All sheets used in constructing the shell, the main furnace, reversal chamber and tube sheets are made of DIN17155-17MN4 refractory steel sheet. This sheet is used in making steam boilers and has a high tensile strength.
All tubes used are made of seamless refractory steel and in accordance with the standard DIN17175-ST35.8.
The whole welding operations are performed by welders holding accreditation certificate based on WPS and PQR approved by the Standards Organization.
All consumable electrodes are of the type E7018 and preheat of 300 °C, and the main welding is done with automatic submerged welding machine.
The whole welding process is controlled by a team of quality control using methods of MT (Magnetic particles), UT (Ultrasonic), and RT (Radiography).
After being assembled, the boiler is tested with a hydrostatic pressure equal to 1.5 times the design pressure in the presence of inspectors of the Standards Organization. It is finally insulated with at least 100 mm thick rock wool and coated with stainless steel with a minimum thickness of 1 mm.
All consumables and manufacturing processes are inspected by companies holding certificate of technical inspection of boilers. After controlling their quality, Iran national standard plate and inspection booklet are finally issued.
With corrugated furnace.
With manhole and headhole for visiting inside the boiler and handholes for sediment removal.
With an explosion system and valve to prevent explosions of the burner combustion.
Possibility of installing economizer and super heater .



Twin Furnace

From 18 to32 ton/h
دیگ بخار افقی

Wet Back

From 1.5 to 16 ton/h

Dry Back

From 500 to 1500 kg/h


From 75 to 500 kg/h